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We know we can’t achieve our mission alone, which is why we partner with lactation consultants and healthcare professionals from across the globe. Together, our goal is to provide mums with credible information and resources, whilst raising awareness and changing the conversation around breastfeeding.   

We want to continue to bring current research in the breastfeeding space to the forefront and highlight the incredible work of lactation consultants, midwives and other medical professionals who work to promote and support breastfeeding.  

Lactamo is here to help with breastfeeding. Specifically made for the needs of lactating breasts, Lactamo has been developed by a team of leading lactation consultants, healthcare professionals and medtech innovation experts. 

“Lactamo is a valuable aid for breastfeeding women” Professor Linda Sweet, Chair Of Midwifery Deakin University Australia 

Extensive studies recommend breast massage (movement and compression) in lactation, together with temperature, for the resolution of many common breastfeeding issues. Lactamo is the first and only medical device to cohesively address the common breastfeeding issues by using a patented combination of three critical components - temperature, movement and compression. These three components have numerous benefits, including improving blood circulation and facilitating lymphatic drainage to help with engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis, milk supply (low and over supply) and the let-down reflex. That’s a world first. Breast massage in lactation also has the ability to proactively improve the quality of breastmilk by increasing total solids, lipids, casein concentration and gross energy. *(Foda et al. 2004).

 The breast contains different tissue, layers of fat and glandular tissue to support lactation. Understanding the unique mechanical properties of breast tissue is essential for aiding optimal lactation. Lactamo is specifically designed to ensure that the hardness and compressibility is suitable for the mechanical properties and elasticity of breast tissue, ranging from 0.5 kPa (lower level for adipose) to 3,000kPa (upper level for skin). The outer hardness of Lactamo is incredibly soft, almost ‘jelly like’. 


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A game-changer in breastfeeding

Professor Linda Sweet

Chair in Midwifery, Deakin University and the Western Health Partnership

Leading Innovation for breastfeeding

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