Lactamo harnesses the power of gentle breast massage, uniquely combining breastfeeding's 3 key components (temperature, movement and compression) in one solution.

How Lactamo helps

Temperature, movement and compression have the ability to reactively and proactively address the most common breastfeeding problems that 92% of mums experience including engorgement, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, low milk supply and oversupply.

Whether you're dealing with one (or more) of these common breastfeeding problems, or want to avoid them in the first place, Lactamo is here to offer a helping hand. Lactamo focuses on optimal milk supply and supports lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Lactamo has been developed by a team of lactation specialists, and is matched to the elasticity of lactating breasts.

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5 ways to get the most out of Lactamo

Our tricks to ensure you get the best experience with Lactamo.

  1. The direction of massage is important: depending on your needs always follow the instructions.
  2. When using Lactamo during a feed, don't let it get in the way of your baby: make sure it doesn't dislodge the nipple or upset your baby's attachment to your breast.
  3. Try all sides of Lactamo to find the right firmness and pattern of movement to suit your needs.
  4. Your breasts are working hard, so only apply a comfortable amount of pressure when using Lactamo. Remember: lactating breasts are sensitive and massaging should feel supportive and gentle, not painful.
  5. When using a cooled Lactamo steer clear of massage and compression on your breast.

Take care

• Do not heat Lactamo in a microwave. Lactamo is not designed to be heated above 100°C.

• Do not use Lactamo if it's too hot (make sure you can comfortably roll it in your palms for 10 seconds).

• Do not let Lactamo end up in the toy basket - it's not a toy! Make sure to only use it as directed and handle it with care.

• Whilst heating Lactamo may be beneficial for different problems, it is not essential to heat Lactamo. Many Lactamo mums prefer to use Lactamo at room temperature. Work with your personal preference.

• Lactamo is for external use only. Do not use Lactamo on broken skin.

• Discard Lactamo if it becomes damaged, such as if the outer silicone is damaged.

• Lactamo is reusable, but is sensitive and fragile (like breasts!) Depending on humidity and environmental conditions, Lactamo may vary in size over time. Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and extreme humidities. Each Lactamo has a life span of 18 months after purchase: after this date it will not cause harm to use it, but it may not deliver optimal benefits.

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