What are the unique features of Lactamo?

Lactamo features allow the facilitation of a unique combination of temperature, movement and compression, specific to breastfeeding.

Temperature: Lactamo is filled with a non-toxic gel which allows it to be heated and cooled as desired.

Movement: Lactamo's surface is covered with both solid and hollow lumps that are designed to gently massage away any blockages or lumps, whilst also providing stimulation and relief, as applicable. A flexible design - featuring both large and small lumps – differing on each side, to cater for all types of lactating breasts. 

Compression: Lactamo is made with soft, 100% medical grade silicone, specifically matched to the elasticity of lactating breast tissue. Lactamo's softness limits the amount of compression that can be applied, and was designed to avoid damage to breast tissue, as seen from other massage devices (and indeed massage done by hand).

Lactamo’s unique features empower mothers to easily tailor massage towards their (ever-changing) individual needs.

What are the benefits of Lactamo? 

Extensive studies recommend breast massage in lactation and temperature (essentially, three critical components: temperature, movement and compression) for the resolution of many of the most common breastfeeding issues.

These three components have the ability to improve blood circulation and facilitate lymph drainage. Breast massage in lactation also has the ability to increase the quality of breastmilk by increasing total solids, lipids, casein concentration and gross energy. 

Lactamo is a cohesive solution, building on decades worth of research to flexibly and cohesively address the common issues associated with lactation.  

How is it different to other breastfeeding aids?

Lactamo offers the unique combination of temperature, movement and compression bespoke to lactating breasts, not offered by any other breastfeeding aid. 

Mindful of the acute sensitivity of breast tissue, Lactamo is the only breastfeeding solution available that is matched to the elasticity of breast tissue – which is critical not just for successful outcomes, but also to avoid damage to breast tissue. Other tools aiming to facilitate massage are often felt to be too hard. The revised ABM mastitis protocol emphasises that the key for prevention and treatment of breast inflammation is to avoid excessively high intra-alveolar and intra-ductal pressures, which prevents a critical mass of mechanical strain and rupture of the tight junctions between lactocytes and ductal epithelial cells. This aligns with Lactamo's approach. 

Lactamo can be repeatedly heated and cooled, and used before, during or after breastfeeding. 

Lactamo is the first and only worldwide solution to both proactively and reactively address the common breastfeeding problems. 

Where is Lactamo available? 

Lactamo is available at:  www.lactamo.com

Interesting in trying Lactamo?  

We’re proud of what we’ve created with Lactamo. And we want to share it with you, the breastfeeding experts. Be part of our growing network, supporting mums to have the best breastfeeding experience they can.

If you are a qualified lactation professional, fill in your details on the home page and we’ll get in touch to arrange delivery of a free Lactamo*. We'd love to hear your feedback.

*Currently only shipping to Australia, New Zealand and India. Only 1 free product per qualified lactation professional.

What if I have a query? 

We’d love to chat to you. Contact us at: hello@lactamo.com.

I’d like to partner with Lactamo, how can I do this?

We are always interested in connecting with leaders and champions in breastfeeding, and always welcome enquiries from HCPs. We recognise breastfeeding is an area of varied thoughts and opinions, with many different approaches. Working together, we believe we can better support our mission to give mothers the best success and experience in breastfeeding (if they choose to breastfeed). 

Please contact us at: hello@lactamo.com, and one of our team will get in touch. 

Do you have wholesale pricing?  

Yes. If you are interested in stocking Lactamo, please contact us at: hello@lactamo.com, and one of our team will be in touch.

Do you have any further education in the lactation and breastfeeding space? 

We are currently looking at ways to provide ongoing educational content and we'd love to hear your thoughts. If you have ideas on content you'd like to see and the best ways for you to receive it and/or if you’d like to be involved in developing this with us, please email us on hello@lactamo.com  


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The importance of breast massage

Scientific studies recommend breast massage and the combination of temperature, movement and compression to address the most of common breastfeeding issues.

Breast massage using the three components (temperature, movement and compression) have the ability to: 

  • improve blood circulation 
  • facilitate lymph drainage
  • improve the quality of breastmilk  

How does Lactamo work?

Lactamo has been specially designed with every breastfeeding mama’s individual needs in mind. 

Lactamo is covered in a mix of solid and hollow lumps, some larger, some smaller, allowing you to find the right firmness and pattern of movement to help your personal breastfeeding needs. And because all breasts need to be treated with care, Lactamo’s (medical grade) silicone outer and gel inside are super-duper soft, even after they’ve been chilled in the freezer. And when we say soft, we mean it – Lactamo is as soft as a marshmallow.  

Your breastfeeding needs will change as your baby grows, which is where Lactamo’s versatile design comes in handy. With Lactamo’s different textures and levels of firmness you can use it to suit your specific needs and preferences. Lactamo is here to support you during those sensitive times (and all the way through your entire breastfeeding journey). 

We’re not a fan of nasties (and we know you’re not either), which is why the outside of Lactamo is crafted from 100% medical grade silicone and we’ve used a non-toxic gel (a common food additive) inside. Lactamo is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (371782) as a Class 1 Medical Device. After all, nothing is more important than your and your baby’s health and safety.

Why Lactamo

Lactamo is here to help mum with the most common breastfeeding challenges experienced by 92% of mums. With glowing customer testimonials, reviews from healthcare professionals and leading lactation consultants, it’s no wonder Lactamo has picked up a slew of awards for being a world first “game-changer” in breastfeeding. 

What people are saying

Life Saver! I was recommended this product from my Lactation Consultant & wow it is a lifesaver for anyone prone to lumps/mastitis - Definitely worth a purchase. Thank you!!