General Instructions

How Lactamo works

We want Lactamo to be there when you need it the most (whether that’s before, during, or after feed or even in the shower). And it’s versatile too, which means you can heat it up or cool it down (depending on what works best for you) and apply it straight to your breast.

So, let’s explain Lactamo’s anatomy

In the middle of Lactamo you’ll find solid lumps, along with hollow lumps at either end of the ball. One side is covered in larger lumps, while the other features small lumps (because no two breasts are the same).


Lactamo anatomy

We get it: your needs are going to change, which is where Lactamo’s flexible design comes in handy

From oh-so-tender postpartum breasts to navigating a new feeding routine, Lactamo is here to support you during those sensitive times (and all the way through your entire breastfeeding journey). Get a feel for which areas of Lactamo suit your needs best.

We’re not a fan of nasties, which is why the outside of Lactamo is crafted from 100% medical grade silicone. Plus, we’ve used a non-toxic gel (a common food additive) inside. But, if Lactamo becomes damaged and this gel is exposed, discard Lactamo and rinse off the gel (and don’t consume it).

How to clean Lactamo

Remember to wash Lactamo before you use it. Simply give it a wash in warm, soapy water or throw it in your steam steriliser (note - not a microwave steriliser) - it’s that easy.

How to heat

Submerge Lactamo in a cup of hot water for 3 minutes (Note: this can be as hot as desired depending on need, ranging from luke warm to boiling) OR place it in a conventional steam steriliser for one cycle.

Before you apply Lactamo to your breast, make sure it’s not too hot. Simply check if you can roll it in your palms comfortably for 10 seconds.  

How to cool

Keep a Lactamo in the fridge so it’s always cold and ready to use OR submerge it in a glass of iced water for at least 3 minutes.

Warning – take care

  • Make sure to handle your breasts gently, especially if they’re engorged, to avoid bruises.

  • Do not heat Lactamo in a microwave. 

  • Don’t use Lactamo if it’s too hot (make sure you can comfortably roll it in your palms for 10 seconds).

  • Remember, Lactamo is for external use only. Do not use Lactamo on broken skin.

  • Don’t let Lactamo end up in the toy basket - it’s not a toy! Make sure to only use it as directed and handle  it with care.

  • Only apply a comfortable amount of pressure to avoid causing any damage.

  • If it becomes damaged (such as if the outer silicone is cut or malformed), discard Lactamo.

  • Discard your ball one year after you’ve purchased it. Contact us at for recycling options for Lactamo.

Do not use Lactamo with massage oils: these may interfere with breastfeeding, and may interfere with Lactamo’s silicone surface. If symptoms persist or if you’re unsure or concerned, stop using Lactamo and consult your healthcare professional.