Lactamo Breastfeeding Ball
Lactamo Breastfeeding Ball
Lactamo Breastfeeding Ball
Lactamo Breastfeeding Ball
Lactamo Breastfeeding Ball

Lactamo Breastfeeding Ball

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Here to help with breastfeeding. The Lactamo breastfeeding ball combines temperature, movement and compression. This combination helps with common breastfeeding problems including oversupply, undersupply, blocked ducts, mastitis and engorgement. Heatable, coolable and reusable.

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temperature, movement + compression

Lactamo is a soft sphere with hollow surface lumps filled with gel. Lactamo can be heated or cooled and has been specifically developed for breastfeeding.

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Using temperature

Lactamo is a soft ball specifically designed for breast tissue. It can be heated or cooled (depending on requirements) and is applied directly to breast tissue. Lactamo can be used before, during or after breastfeeding, in the shower, and with massage oils. Lactamo is heated by submerging it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Lactamo can also be heated in a conventional steam steriliser for one cycle. Lactamo can be cooled in the freezer (preferably for at least 2 hours), or in a glass of iced water for 3 minutes.


For a few minutes before a feed, roll heated Lactamo over the surface of the breast, always massaging towards the nipple, applying firm but comfortable pressure to the breast.