How to use - Oversupply

Be sure to use only gentle pressure when massaging breast tissue to prevent further inflammation or trauma.

Oversupply Instructions

During breastfeeding or pumping: 

Step 1: Heat Lactamo by submerging it in a cup of hot water for 3 minutes (Note: this can be as hot as desired depending on need, ranging from luke warm to boiling) OR placing it in a conventional steam steriliser for one cycle. 

Roll it between your palms for 10 seconds to make sure it’s not too hot. 

Note: Do not put Lactamo in a microwave. 

Step 2: Roll Lactamo over the breast towards the nipple with either long strokes or circular motions.  

This may help encourage your let-down reflex (if necessary) and help to drain the breast. 

If you have breastmilk oversupply, this is the only recommended way to use a heated Lactamo. Using a heated Lactamo in other ways can encourage more milk production. 

After breastfeeding or pumping: 

Step 3: Gently place a cooled Lactamo on your breast for soothing relief. Avoid compression or massage.   

Do not use Lactamo over your nipple if you have a breastmilk oversupply.