Blocked Milk Ducts Instructions


For every different breastfeeding hurdle there will be different approaches that work best, specific to your ever-changing needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but our guide below suggests how Lactamo may be helpful in providing relief from blocked milk ducts.

For a few minutes before a feed (or pump), roll your heated Lactamo over the surface of the breast, always massaging towards the nipple. Focus on the blocked duct area/s (often where a lump is present) to encourage blockages to clear, support the flow of milk and provide much needed relief. Continue this process for as long as possible throughout the feed (taking care to remain focused on the quality on the baby’s feeding and not to disrupt the baby’s attachment to your nipple). Massage and heat can cause redness to the surface of your breast, but if you notice a distinct redness on the surface of the breast that isn’t related to your massage or you develop a fever, speak to your health professional.

If symptoms persist or if you’re unsure or concerned, stop using Lactamo and consult your healthcare professional.