Oversupply Instructions

For every different breastfeeding hurdle there will be different approaches that work best, specific to your ever-changing needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but our guide below suggests how Lactamo may assist with aspects of oversupply.

During a feed (or pump), if there is tension with oversupply, heated Lactamo may be rolled over the surface of the breast (always massaging towards the nipple), to assist with draining and to encourage the let-down reflex (if necessary). However, don’t otherwise use heated Lactamo for oversupply, as it may stimulate even more milk production. After the feed, apply your cooled Lactamo to the surface of the breast (but avoid any compression or massage) for soothing and relief.

If symptoms persist or if you’re unsure or concerned, stop using Lactamo and consult your healthcare professional.