Mum Central announces Lactamo as “your new BFF in breastfeeding”

Mum Central announces Lactamo as “your new BFF in breastfeeding”

We're so excited to be included in Mum Central's "Best Breastfeeding Products" round-up.

"Breastfeeding, what a wild ride it can be! No matter if you’re just starting out feeding your newborn or a seasoned breastfeeding mum, we can all benefit from some awesome breastfeeding-related products. So here’s our top picks –  from an easy to release maternity bra to cooling breast pads and all the pumps and bikkies in between.

Remember we are not born actually knowing how to breastfeed – it really is a skill we learn together with our baby, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to ace it straight away!

Some helpful breastfeeding tips:

  • RELAX.
  • Find a comfortable place to breastfeed. You could be there for only 20 minutes or you could still be there in an hour – so make sure you’re comfy!
  • For large breasted women, you might find it more comfortable to lay down on your side to feed your baby. Bigger breasts weigh a lot, especially when your milk first comes in!
  • Keep warm. Keep a light throw rug nearby to keep yourself and bub warm while feeding.
  • The latch is important. Pay attention to how your baby latches onto your breast. They should be taking in not just your nipple but also a mouthful of your breast. If it’s just your nipple, it’s going to hurt!
  • That said, if your baby has not latched on correctly it does hurt. Slide a clean pinky finger into the corner of their mouth to break the attachment between their gums and your breast and try latching on again.
  • Don’t be afraid to ‘hamburger’ press or gently squeeze your breast to make correct attachment a little easier.
  • Be careful with what you eat as it passes on to the baby through your milk. It’s always handy to keep a food diary so if your bub does become unsettled, you can trace your dietary steps!
  • Don’t ever assume you’re not going to leak breastmilk. Because even THINKING about leaking, is likely going to start the floodwaters.
  • Finally, enjoy the process. Even the rockiest of starts can turn into beautiful breastfeeding stories. Seek help from a lactation nurse if you can, they’re AWESOME.
  • And if breastfeeding isn’t for you, that’s fine too! Don’t feel guilty or beat yourself up about it. At the end of the day, fed is best!

Feeling confident and ready? Come check out our favourite and best breastfeeding picks below."


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