Lactamo features on Kidspot as “breastfeeding game-changer”

Lactamo features on Kidspot as “breastfeeding game-changer”

Lactamo featured by Westpac Reading Lactamo features on Kidspot as “breastfeeding game-changer” 2 minutes Next Mum Central announces Lactamo as “your new BFF in breastfeeding”

Lactamo’s Founder, Etta, features on Kidspot with Lactamo.

"Mum-of-four invents 'breastfeeding game-changer'"

Lactamo is rolled over the breast and is aimed at stimulating milk production and flow and aiding the let-down reflex, helping clear blocked ducts, and helping relieve swelling and pain.

Before having children, I was told all about the horrors of childbirth. But, I never thought my biggest challenge would come after labour was over.

Like many mums, I assumed breastfeeding would happen automatically: bub would find the spot and the perfect amount of milk would start flowing. That couldn’t have been further from the truth for me – and many women globally.

I struggled with breastfeeding with all of my four children (Emilia, 9, Otto, 7, Ingrid, 4, and Albert, 2). I felt like I was running into every roadblock imaginable: oversupply, undersupply, pain, blocked ducts, engorgement, and mastitis (just to name a few). Something that seemed so simple became a daily struggle, and made me feel like a complete failure.

Worst of all, I couldn’t find any products to provide relief, which made me think I was the odd one out. “If everyone has such a hard time breastfeeding, why aren’t there solutions to fix it?”, I wondered.

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