WINNER: State Award, Business NSW

WINNER: State Award, Business NSW

Lactamo is honored to be awarded this prestigious Business NSW State Award from Business NSW.

“This year’s winners should feel incredibly proud to be named as the leading businesses for 2021, and we wish them every success” Mr Hunter said. “In 2021, every industry, from health care to hospitality, retail to recruitment, was forced to pivot and innovate in order to deal with fallout from the pandemic. These awards showcase the businesses that shone brightest in very dark times,” Mr Hunter said.

"Of the few enduring, independent, not-for-profit organisations in Australia, Business NSW is the only one focused on the wellbeing of the business community. Our purpose has always been to provide a strong, clear voice for businesses on the issues important to their livelihood. Working closely with our members, we identify key issues and find practical policy solutions to ensure businesses across NSW prosper and grow."

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