Lactamo features on ausbiz TV

Lactamo features on ausbiz TV

Lactamo’s founder, Etta Watts-Russell, is invited onto ausbiz tv to discuss Lactamo including the problem that Lactamo is solving, Lactamo's journey and the recent award that Lactamo has won "Best New Business Idea" at TEDxSydney with St.George.

UNICEF reports that "No country in the world meets the recommended standards for breastfeeding". New Mums are vulnerable, and Lactamo is on a mission to support breastfeeding mums, giving them the best possible success, together with the best experience in breastfeeding. 

Lactamo is a first of its kind in breastfeeding and is being hailed by key industry leaders as a breakthrough in the breastfeeding space. The product has international patent protection and had huge traction even before launch.

Watch the full interview here:

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