Lactamo features at Australia’s Spark Festival

Lactamo features at Australia’s Spark Festival

Lactamo’s Founder, Etta Watts-Russell, is invited to present at the Spark Festival 2020, with over 2,500 people registered.

Spark Festival is Australia’s largest event connecting businesses, innovators and startups, to grow the digital economy. Every year, hundreds of people and organisations from across the ecosystem produce and host the events that become the Spark Festival program.

Spark's mission is to drive prosperity for Australians via the growth of thriving new economy businesses. Spark's community is large and strong: startups, investors, SMEs, big corporates and innovators at every stage are all invited. Whether you are getting started or going global, you'll find your spark at Spark.

Spark Festival is the place to get inspired, make connections with impact, and learn the tools and techniques of the new economy.

A celebration of entrepreneurship everywhere, Spark Festival brings together all walks of the startup world who share a common goal: to imagine and bring to life exciting, valuable, and successful ventures.

Click on the image below to watch the full presentation @sparkfestivalau 

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