“A 2021 LEADER of the FemTech industry”

“A 2021 LEADER of the FemTech industry”

Lactamo has been referred to as one of the leaders of the FemTech Industry in FemTech Collective's Annual Market Report 2021.

The FemTech Collective have referred to Lactamo in their Annual Market Report 2021 as one of the leaders of the FemTech Industry.

"For decades, female health has been underfunded, under-resourced, and approached as a one-man fits all approach. We’ve seen very little female representation in clinical trials, ongoing health concerns predominantly found in women go untreated, and women’s bodies used as a political stance instead of under personal ownership. As healthcare systems and governments continue to fail women, women have taken it upon themselves to create and utilize technology that will improve their general healthcare."

"As is the case with menstruation, FemTech is well established in the spaces of fertility and maternal health, with a plethora of fertility services, tracking apps, and maternal community platforms to choose from. Because of this, we are starting to see that FemTech startups and companies in this field are earning endorsements and gaining momentum the mainstream healthcare landscape."

"For breastfeeding mothers, Australian owned Lactamo has created a soft sphere textured with hollow lumps that uses “the combination of temperature, movement, and compression” to massage the breast during lactation and resolve common breastfeeding issues. Beyond the physical challenges of breastfeeding, those who desire to feed their newborns with their own milk often face negative implications for their careers as they attempt to balance work demands with the privacy needed for pumping breastmilk."

Read more here: https://www.femtechcollective.com/reports 

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