Lactamo features on ABC's Babytalk with Penny Johnston

Lactamo features on ABC's Babytalk with Penny Johnston

"Everyone has a terrible breastfeeding story, whether it’s starting the process, weaning or any amount of stress and pain in between.

It’s estimated 92% of mothers experience breastfeeding problems such as oversupply, under supply, blocked ducts, pain and mastitis. and it’s quite possible you’re going to be left feeling it’s all your fault.

If you do know where to find help, being told breast is best endlessly is just not helpful.

Etta Watts Russell is or was a lawyer, her experience of breastfeeding was a rollercoaster ride and when she experienced breastfeeding issues she was surprised and the lack of solutions available.

In this week’s Babytalk podcast we’ll meet Etta to find out about what she did to solve a big problem for breastfeeding women. An easily used device that can be used to ease the pain of mastitis or blocked ducts and milk supply when you and your baby are still finding your way through breast feeding."

Listen to the interview here